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“Day after day month after month, year after year, I’ve worked so hard to be able to have this moment”

Stepping foot on campus for the first time as an official Utah State Aggie I felt a charge. Maybe it’s the altitude combined with the opportunity I know I have. The opportunity to showcase my god given talent on Saturday afternoons in front of 25,000 Aggies, is truly a dream come true. 

Before I go any further allow me to introduce myself. You know me as Sir Mells, the Florida-made big man by way of Las Vegas, Nevada. A three-star recruit out of high-school, passionate about football and blessed with an incredible family that's been my rock through it all. Recently, I faced a pretty significant crossroad in my journey. After redshirting my freshman year at the University of Oregon, I made the decision to enter the transfer portal. It’s all love for the Oregon coaches, players and fans, Y’all will always have a special place in my heart. 


One thing I know to be true is that when one door closes another door opens, and when the door to Maverik stadium opened I bull-rushed though it! The last two months have been a roller-coaster for sure and man, was it a ride! And no, it wasn't all butterflies and rainbows. The anticipation, the questioning, the decision-making—it was like running a mental obstacle course. The goal? To get on a field where I could truly showcase my talents, put in the work, and make my people proud. The hard part? Picking a new school, a new team, a new home. But in the end, Utah State felt right, like when you walk in a room full of strangers but everyone’s vibeing to your favorite song, you know? Utah State is my vibe for real. 

Sure, there were challenges, but hey, that's the game of life. Every tackle, every sweat-soaked practice, it all built me into who I am today. But the journey doesn't end here. As an Aggie, I'm looking to hit new highs. Since the age of 3 years old I’ve had a special love for this game called football. As you are reading this, I am most likely in the weight room, classroom, or on the field. Grinding! Getting better, and pushing my teammates to get better.

My next 4 years of eligibility:


Let me tell you, juggling school and football is no joke. It's a tightrope walk, needing every ounce of focus and discipline. But my golden rule is simple: beat the deadline. Get that work done before it's due, and you've got less stress to deal with.


On the field it’s all about the ‘W’. That’s what all the hard work and dedication to the craft is for, to emerge victorious on Saturday afternoon with my squad and making my family proud. The goal is more than just personal wins. It's about inspiring others, motivating them to make decisions that uplift not just them, but their loved ones too. And in all of this, my family has been my rock, my guiding light, encouraging me to keep shining bright. Now, as an Aggie, I'm ready for the field, ready to honor my family's support, ready to inspire others just by being me.

Building My Brand in the NIL Era:

Student-athletes today are the first generation of the NIL era. We have the opportunity to create value around our personal brand. We're trailblazers, influencers, leaders, standing at the intersection of sports, education, and the digital world. And we're not just playing the game—we're changing it.

In my opinion a college football players NIL value is only as good as the players on field performance. You won’t see me chasing deals, but I know the opportunities will come as long as I keep doing me! It's like opening a whole new world of possibilities, where you can cash in just by being you. It's all about authenticity, staying true to yourself, and I'm loving it. I see the Sir Mells brand having parallels to Nike. Everything Nike does they do it 100%. I vibe with their ethos, their drive, their commitment. Those are the pillars my personal brand stands on. We're not just swimming with the current—we're riding the wave, shaping our brands, and opening up potential income streams.

On the surface, the journey to securing Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals may appear to follow a straightforward equation: sterling sports performance leads to increased social media followers, which in turn equates to attractive NIL deals. Yet, this approach risks reducing the multifaceted personality of a student-athlete to mere metrics and numbers. It's like trying to capture the vastness of the ocean in a jar. The reality is, every student-athlete, even the redshirt freshman on the bench, has the potential to secure meaningful NIL deals.

To the future NCAA athletes:


My two cents for young athletes? Be you. Don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do. Aim to be better than your heroes. Every day is a chance to step up and improve. My transfer to Utah State wasn't just about switching schools. It was a journey that shaped me, molded me, showed me what I'm made of. It wasn't just about the game—it was about building my brand, about creating a legacy on and off the field. Transferring wasn't just a change in scenery. It was a gateway to something bigger, a chance to redefine who I am. My hope is that my journey might guide and inspire others in theirs. Because we're more than athletes—we're ambassadors, future leaders, and dreamers.

Let’s Get It!


So that’s who I am and what I’m about. Straight out of the transfer portal, feeling like the Fresh Prince of Utah. No doubt, it takes a lot of grind to step up to the demands of being a student-athlete. But you know what? I'm more than ready to hit it. Whether it's pushing my limits in the weight room, knuckling down to hit the books, or dominating on the field come game day, I'm all in. Every plate lifted, every page turned, and every tackle for loss on the gridiron, it's all part of my ambition to become the best version of myself. I wake up every day hungry for progress, ready to throw down everything I've got to earn my success. Not just for me, but for my family, my team, and everyone who believes in me. This fall, I'm looking forward to turning all those hours of sweat and determination into a showcase of what I'm capable of. Aggie nation stand up! Let's get it!

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